Winny Patro, Co-Founder, IIMnetWORK

Winny Patro is co-founder at IIMnetWORK (Conferences & seminars for professional development & thought leadership). He has been involved as mentor/consultant in setting up 6 internet companies which also includes end-to-end setup of an ecommerce company for Joint Venture between France sports goods Conglomerate & Indian sports goods retailer.

Besides these, Winny Patro is a passionate coach. He mentors many students in the areas of career development in technology and management.

He graduated from IIM Calcutta with 2 year full time MBA. After IIM-Cal, he joined as Vice President at a market research consulting firm. Prior to MBA, he founded an NGO, Generation Zaagruthi, which works towards developing life skills among under privileged children. He has a degree in Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering with accomplishments in the field of Bio-Medical Instrumentation.