January 19, 2015

Why should I pay for the conference, is it not supposed to be free?

We would love to have this conference for delegates free but we have to absorb venue cost (Vivanta by Taj at all three cities), full buffet lunch and snacks, out of station speakers travel & stay cost and consultant fee among others. The promoters (Rakesh Kumar – PGP IIM A and Winny Patro – PGP IIM C) share of the profit ( if any) for this event will go towards sponsorship of scholarship of needy students and sponsoring towards cost of preparing an open letter to Government of India with subject : ‘Farmer’s debt plight in India – Key factors and methodologies to overcome them’ ( If you are interested to take the project please send email with your credentials to rakesh@iimnet.com, we will support your T&M expenses along with consulting fee of 1 Lakh INR, if you or your group is selected to undertake the project)