CEO, Fractal Analytics

Srikanth V

Srikanth Velamakanni, is the Co-founder and CEO of Fractal Analytics, one of the world’s most respected pure play Analytics companies. Srikanth’s passion for analytics makes him a thought leader in the space, an active public speaker and evangelist at large.
Srikanth has a BS in Electrical Engineering from IIT-Delhi and an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad. A former investment banker, he co-founded Fractal 15 years ago. Prior to Fractal, he worked on structured debt transactions and collateralized bond obligations at ANZ Investment Bank and ICICI.
At Fractal, Srikanth helps build value for the world’s finest CPG and financial services companies. In the quest to build world class business intelligence solutions, Srikanth and the team at Fractal Sciences actively explore the linkages between neuroscience, consumer behavior and artificial intelligence. As a co-founder and the CEO, Srikanth believes that making Fractal one of the world’s best places to work is a key responsibility along with institutionalizing the company credo of impact, insight and innovation for clients the world over.
Srikanth enjoys speaking and writing on the power of Big Data in improving and enhancing customer experience, enabling better decision making. Srikanth has also been voted as one of the ten most influential analytics leaders in India, 2014 by the Analytics India Magazine. Srikanth considers himself a lifelong student of Mathematics, having been bitten by the bug fairly early in school where he was an NTSE scholar as well as a participant in the International Mathematics Olympiad.
Father to an active and curious three year old, Srikanth also enjoys playing Squash, Snooker and Bridge.