All you wanted to know about sessions @ IIMnetWORK Hyderabad

Keynote Session 1 :

Opportunities are everywhere – From Grass-root to Wall-street: Country of problems is a country of opportunities. This is what Mr. CD Mitra says about entrepreneurship in India. Opportunities are in silicon valley, in bangalore and in the smallest town of india, so, are the entrepreneurs. This session by ‘Entrepreneurship Evangelist & Coach’ will highlight the sustainable entrepreneurial opportunities at Grassroot levels and at Wallstreet levels.

Keynote Session 2 :

New Generation Leadership: Great Business Leaders exhibit the power to build great teams and thus great companies.The new generation Leaders live the vision and have the ability to turn into reality. This session by Global CEO coach will highlight the key elements in leadership to build great businesses in exponentially changing times.

Round Table Discussion :

All about “Emerging Markets – Opportunities – Innovate Ideas – Seamless Execution” : In a nutshell, we see opportunities that surround us and convert them into businesses. But, in this global village, grabbing an opportunity outside your horizon is no more a rocket science. This discussion features diverse set of management leaders who will throw a light onto how some of the untapped opportunities are being converted into businesses for a better world.

Session of Excellence 1 :

Choices & Conundrums – the method in the madness: Making a choice to quit a corporate job to get the hands on with your own ideas has never been easy. Your idea may succeed or not, but you will not fail if you have tick marked the must do things before you embark the entrepreneurship journey. This session will highlights the framework and must do things before you take up an idea to execution.

Session of Excellence 2 :

Technology empowering businesses: Businesses are becoming more smarter than ever before. Technology is becoming the axis of all businesses today. One of the biggest contributions of technology is optimization of cost and time. This session will highlight the must-have technology products in your businesses and ways to adapt technology to be successful

Session of Excellence 3 :

Journey of an IIM Grad from Corporate Biggies to Start-Ups : IIM Alumni are the cream of management talent. They are globally spread and hold very important leadership positions. With key take-aways for those who are at the crossroads of corporate job and start-up, this session will feature an IIM Ahmedabad Alumni from 1983 Batch who will highlight the learnings and challenges in a journey from Corporate Biggies to Start-Ups.