Mr. S R Patil

Shivanagowda Rudragowda Patil (born 31 August 1948 in Badagondi, Bilgi, Bagalkot) is the minister for Infrastructure, information technology, biotechnology, science and technology, planning and statistics in the Government of Karnataka. A senior congressman, he is the leader of the opposition in the Karnataka Legislative Council.

He is Presently Serving as a Member of All India Congress Committee, Member of Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee, President of BilagiTaluk Bar Association, Bilagi, Founder President of BilagiTaluk (Girisagara) Khadi Gramodhyoga Organisation, Founder President of Bilagi Town Co-Operative Bank, President of District Bharath Scouts and Guides, Bagalkot, Founder President of Bapuji Rural Development Institute, Bagalkot, President, Bapuji Souhardha Sahakari, Bagalkot, President of Bapuji Souhardha Sahakari, Bagalkot, Founder President of Bapuji Multipurpose Souhardha Sahakari, Badagandi, Bilagi Taluk, Bagalkot District, Director of Bagalkot District Central Co-Operative Bank Ltd., Bagalkot, Founder President of Bilagi Sugar Mill Limited (BSML), Badagandi, Bilagi Taluk, Bagalkot District, President of S.R.Patil Educational Trust, Badagandi, BilagiTaluk, Bagalkot District.